About CREACCNG Environmental Internship Program (EIP)

At CREACCNG, we believe that participating in an internship is an invaluable opportunity to gain hands-on work experience. Unfortunately, internships offered through a number of organizations often come at a price, whether monetary or otherwise. To re-enforce our commitment to providing equal access to such opportunities.

CREACCNG EIP offers several benefits to offset or eliminate many common costs of taking part in an internship.

There are NO fees to apply for or participate in EIP. All EIP internship positions are not paid (Based on the Funds are available) Free professional development activities are offered throughout the course of the program How to Apply EIP applications are free. The application process is two steps. You will first submit your resume and letter of interest to the CREACC committee via email. Currently, we are having positions to accept applications for few of our program. The letter to the EIP committee should explain:

1) why you are interested in the program,
2) your preferred topic,
3) what skills you hope to develop during the program, and
4) how you intend to use your experience in the program to improve your community.
Candidates selected will participate in a brief interview with CREACC staff. The interview will be conducted in person or via ZOOM.
Candidates should set aside 30-40 minutes for the interview.

Send all EIP application to contact@creaccng.org