Village Solar powered Smart Outreach Centre (VSSOC)

With funding from EKOenergy, the Centre was able to installed a solar photovoltaic capacity of 12 number of 350Wp Mono-Crystalline of 5.5kW Watt peak power with output system including battery storage system of 8 no. 2V,12V and 1 number of 8kW String Inverter in Chediya village, Tsafe Local Government, Zamfara State, Nigeria. 

This project serves as a succor and lifeline to the village, the village’s over 6,000 people have access to electricity for the first time in their history and also have access to portable drinking water in the village. 

Other components of the project include:

  1. 8,000 liters of water powered by solar thermostat machine daily SDG6
  2. 1,000 animal and other birds drink water from the pond daily SDG15
  3. 1,000 children get access to quality education in a year SDG4
  4. 300 mobile phones/rechargeable lamps charged in a month SDG7,
  5. 150 village’s men and women have access to training on the importance of community engagement/socio economic development SDG 10
  6. 100 small businesses thrive in the village due to night social activities. SDGs1,7,8, 9.
  7. 100,000 economic trees nursed, planted and looked at by women in a year SDGs 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 10, 13, and 15.

The Solar PV system provides the village with access to education with a classroom that contains 50 girls from the age of 5 where both night and morning classes will be held due to the village’s culture of letting their children go to farms/herd during the day, a mobile phones charging boot will also be erected, a business social center for small businesses will be established, and a solar submersible water pumping for drinking of 8,000 liters a day and an animals drinking trough where their cows and other animals will have water to drink as well as a 200,000 tree nursery bed capacity in the center was established.

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